What does authentic mean to you?

Authenticity is key to the success of a brand and its overall image. Success is not measured in years, but in decades.

A design that conveys the values of authenticity is honest and has a long-lasting effect: it lives with you and convinces customers that you’re here to stay.

Showcase your creative potential and use the design process to shape your company’s future.

My skills:
• Building trust
• Sophisticated identification of links between product and customer
• Bringing content and ideas to life as images
• Ensuring consistency
• Continuously and actively supporting change processes

My services:
• Packaging design
• Communication design
• Coaching with a visual focus

Medicine/healthcare, naturopathy, dietary supplements, industry, trade.


My rates are based on the AGD Collective Agreement on Fees for Design Services (Alliance of German Designer e.V. / AGD®/SDSt) as well as my experience and time required.