Value needs to be visible for it to be naturally appealing.

This is not possible if ideas are kept hidden away. Ideas can be worn in the same way as beautiful clothes; however, they do not show the real value that lies behind them. Their value needs to be discovered so that your customers can relate to them.

Recognising people’s unique values as well as those of jobs and products and expressing them through design is my area of expertise. This factor often represents a 'blind spot' that gets overlooked and requires someone on the outside to notice it. A design that incorporates your most valuable aspect remains alive and up-to-date in a special way – an intelligent design concept which can develop naturally together with you and your company. It stays versatile and timeless while interacting with trends and the zeitgeist.

In a seamless process of discussion, support and conceptual design, the visual appearance that you embody evolves or the packaging that captures your product in its entirety comes into being.

Advertising lives from outstanding ideas – but for many people that is no longer enough. We have come to the end of the age of seductive illusion. Quality is defined by authenticity. The ideals that underpin your work and your product are genuine and sustainable, live with you and maintain long-term customer loyalty.

Gisela Theis, suriagraphik – visual communication, value creation and design:
Making the most valuable aspects visible

suria means sun and stands for radiance, openness, light and vivacity. A powerful symbol which guides my work and mirrors the benefits enjoyed by my customers. Put yourself in the best light – we illuminate what moves you.

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